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Alfred Morris retooling his '91 Mazda



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Thu, 25 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. A lot of back to training camp -- were your first car for me it was it was set beat down gas guzzling jalopy. Prowl for Morrison. Hard to believe but it's true he's still rock in his 1991. Mazda sedan and basis -- some improvements made in the off season. Morse is still sporting his baby. It's not like give him our anything like that -- have. This is not that that's I was -- -- with this this analyzes. I had a crack in my desk with fitness and my dad. No -- engine is in tip top in these no. Maybe like -- and this is not so -- -- transmission does make you sit there like quite a sitting around like three more years. You know so now -- about my arm -- phone from a road might break down and I've restrained is so like does the Delaware got a ways they don't refer gonna happen now. You say might of -- of this so like maybe like when. I navigation system of some new you know like some like Devin and -- Big ray owns and fish tanks and a bag and tonight that's and -- All card jokes aside what are rookie season for -- if not for RG three out for would arguably be the rookie of the year 16113. Yards. Only second behind Adrian Peterson that's impressive for a sixth round pick. This year he's the man so things should be completely different this time around. Right. I don't approach -- any different I mean. I got a young in my ability you know I learned a lot more comfortable we know what to Dolphins and we'll post them are trying to get down to skeen so. Coming out a lot more confident less but I still commanded and -- I'm not starting running back. -- -- drafted two guys you know we have a lot of competition Lou Lou Roy stood out fuels we are and you competition makes is better so we are competing against each other. -- with me I'm not a star so that mindset as if I had an eighty years and I'm in those things sounds cliche to say that but that's just the way I approach everything. I as a business you never know you know what can happen so I'm always is not always a better Meola some -- reason he knows -- -- continues is our game you want. And what are some of -- -- feel like you need to get better. I'm like he says this make myself more first outings if I get involved in the passing game so come on third downs. A lot and they have -- a third down back in the -- stay in the game and do mysteries and run is different about past lazy out. Things like that and just you know working on little things in my tracks. Com. You know just this other little things you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Have a man possessed the much Bettis was just fighting those little things that I overlooked lasted. CSN Washington dot com.

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