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Thu, 25 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Tense training camp for DeAngelo Hall you feel you feel young or. Not so -- I think young I'm young a heart and -- very hard you know but it's kind of that -- feel so young but you know miss and then I feel good. Do -- this off to the weight last year ended. What you got going on contractually use has admitted that you thought about. Giving the game up how close were you the same. You know what I've I've had a good run. I was close and you know I was I was pretty close outs in my wife wanted me home kids not -- wanna be around a bit -- -- his -- eleven now so he's kind of he knew going in you know his athletic career. So yeah I definitely wanna be around them whether you know I just felt like this unfinished business as a team person. And I feel like -- they can do you know I still love the game I don't know was -- have -- you know what I decide to be done hopefully admits in the I would have felt the -- accomplished via you know what. You know I just felt like you know you have so much that means business when it's a there's expectations every year but these are legitimate from what you accomplish did you realistic expectations and you know you gotta -- You know you gotta love some people quickness and waited some people pick invested noted that he's so good you know you know him and own division. So you know would just take one game at -- we know we can do person and I feel like assessment here last year it's -- -- You know really gave nobody's -- got so much confidence in this which means he gets confident -- feel like they came. I think his group of guys moon but I came you do so much we know your corner we're gonna see at safety to this year. I don't know it's OK I don't know I don't know maybe we got out we got a lot we got a lot of -- is that he's a little of the history will probably make is that in. So you know when do whatever -- ask them. You know he's run down -- kick off him like I did last year of his return of -- that's who it is. You know kept the ball -- face number do we have to win football games and it just you know it if it did that required me to go police say he doesn't do. But hopefully we can keep some guys healthy. And you know won't need to go back -- CSN Washington dot com.

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