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How impactful is Eckstein's firing?



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Fri, 26 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Oh mark talking about the nationals obviously a great way to close out the series against the Pirates they certainly needed that win. But I mean this team has really been struggling they break a six game losing skid. They have the third worst batting average in the NL. The second fewest runs in the NL this team has really been struggling at the plate this week obviously they fire David acts are -- -- other batting coach. What does that -- do for this team any thing. Now I don't think it does it's one of those moves that honestly is dismayed because you feel like things are going so bad you have to make a move his. For the sake of it and you can't fire the players. And they were gonna fire Davey Johnson so Rick next time became the fall guy it was a little controversial a lot of guys that clubhouse. Really liked him he'd been with the organization since 08 been there and Major League hitting coach -- 09 quite a while very well respected hard worker. But somebody has take the -- sometimes -- -- -- him. The funny thing is Rick -- new hitting coach has kind of the same hitting philosophy Davey Johnson is really running the show -- he has hitting philosophy that's not gonna change so. It's just a different voice different person it's unfortunate happen. Have you seen a move like this go both ways. Where to work and it hasn't worked it does sometimes works sometimes is that we'll kick in the pants the guys need to say hey. You know things are not going well home and I don't realize it was this bad we just the loss of coach because of it but. I've also seen it where it really doesn't make a different look it's the players -- -- and said it best when you get to this level. You're 300 hitter or you're not it doesn't really matter your coaches are not gonna suddenly change who you are some big league hit. Well and it's interesting to Davey Johnson was fully supportive of Rick next time even saying earlier pay if you gonna fire this guy you might as well fire me. So once the firing happened Mike Rizzo. Gave an explanation obviously yeah. To be firing and said quote a lot of this falls on the players this is a players' league and the players are paid to perform and they happen. So it's the voice of that. And the guy who's in charge of that now -- on the other hand that quote I've experienced a lot of things in my career I've been traded released sold. And I've been fired but today is arguably. The toughest day that I've had in baseball that is. Some clear support for guys who your GM has just fired is this going to be a problem. Well I'll tell you what they're looking Davey Johnson thigh as he said that and the rest of that day as he was going through this I mean I've never seen him that down for us and certainly since he came to DC. Obviously he was not in support of the movie and went so far as when Rizzo brought him into his office to tell him hey it is what we wanted to do said hey you really think you have to do something. Go big if you have to fire me incidentally that was gonna happen Mike Rizzo is not firing Davey Johnson David Johnson parkway so is their rift. No I don't think so there's still. A lot of mutual respect between these two in -- understands hey Mike Rizzo has his boss he's -- listen what he says he may disagree sometimes but ultimately it's Rizzo call. Is the relationship as good as it was when they first started together probably not but I would venture to guess. That more often than not there are rifts and disagreements between GM. And a manager we just always hear about it should be so vocal and public willing to admit that kind of thing up now we find out more from him. What do you think it does today -- psyche too I mean they've they've obviously been struggling he's been trying to get this team going. They fire somebody who was a friend who obviously he supported completely what does it -- to his psyche well. It it was tough on -- like I said he could see you look in his -- he was a beaten man and Dana didn't help the team is losing and lost again that night. The fact that he knows -- for him that he's only got a couple months left in his managerial career anyways maybe that kind of changes and the dynamic if he felt like he was still trying to push. To keep this job next year maybe it's different but he knows this kind of -- the end and he started drop some hints about how it's kind of looking. I had to be an even acknowledging that it's the end of it and it's it's tough this is not the way he wanted to go out some sort. CSN Washington dot com it.

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