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Feinstein and Matich on Redskins growing depth issue on D-Line



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Fri, 26 Jul 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com -- is being questioned already with this team two days in the cam you know I take two things out what we just heard. First of all it is amazing the list of excuses players come up with when they test positive -- it reminds me deal welcome back -- show. Where they can -- Epstein was late. For class everyday and he always had a note from his mother right -- -- -- was kidnapped by Gypsy sign Epstein to mothers these guys evolving kidnapped by Gypsies the other thing is it's rather remarkable -- -- a football coach say. You know he got a plan for depth in this league for when these things happen. As in when drug suspensions -- and that's what it's come to in the NFL awful honestly cities is not only worried about that Charles sort of by injuries and all these things that go on Trevor -- and you get ninety guys in camp for a reason to start training camp to get down to 53. But this defensive line already I mean give me a break here yeah but. On the field what matters is the ability to play with the frenetic energy. From the starters because if you can rotate too deep in that defensive linemen everybody that's in there can go at a 100% at all times knowing that four -- five plays later. They'll get a break from a guy who's also -- good enough to do that well the defense of line in his defense doesn't have to make plays is nice that they do. But they don't have to. What they have to do was keep the linebackers -- -- the linebackers. Can make plays that means -- up the offensive lineman and hold their ground well. Last year Jenkins didn't really make plays he did eat up space so -- does take his place as long as he can do that then they won't lose anything there. Oh my god bless you question as a former player. Why don't players get upset with their teammates they do do things -- because they know that they know the stories not true yeah they do but they also know that some guys will take things. To try to get on their roster they understand that they don't condone it. But they understand that there's so much money and there's so much upside to be on medical roster that guys will walk around that ragged edges sometimes cross it and it's so common. That you don't see this being -- usual even though you don't condone risk reward what. Have you set point well taken -- exit to Chris Baker also Kedric Golston. It's that next man up philosophy again. CSN Washington dot com.

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