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Redskins continue to battle injuries as camp begins



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Fri, 26 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. -- you couple that news with Kerry Robinson now out for at least five months after -- for Tora Mosul yesterday during day one that's the nature of this business. Or already. We are two days in the camp. In the Monterrey is. Next man up. It was a freak accident I saw it happen early there's no contact is for his arm back. And on the you know you just feel sorry for him because you work so hard to get back can be in great shape so. It's been is done it's the downside of the business and no one knows that better than his teammate Brandon Meriweather missed most of last year with a -- -- Iraq post went twelve lasted just two games before torn pectoral and Fred Davis missed the last ten games including the playoffs with a torn Achilles. Which makes the return this year all the more. Meaning as a gracious on the moon his some other ways sort you know I never his latest they never know who was like who's gone. -- -- sure right now and are so good to -- is -- they're gonna play in run around again. And I was -- Does get -- -- there much you miss Indian. Men though hardly thinking about this. And nationally. I did so far but look at Florida coupon progressed and has that can't go wrong. This -- is great -- this system Sosa's grass again -- did have to know who's good. I don't know I'm excited to be here man though put a lot of hard work in his off season and I expect big things. Not one guy who -- the IR in fact the last fifteen years. Is London Fletcher who comes -- his first surgery ever gonna Melbourne but when -- get here is the game's most durable player. For years sixteen I get up every day. Come work you don't think about you know the durability part until somebody brings it up on the field. I feel feel good -- I try to do a lot of different things is to keep myself feel so good on the training staff does a great job of you know working with me and coach is doing great job of you know monitor in my ramps and things like that. -- I don't think about it a whole lot. The surgeries has really helped them he's got more flexibility. He feels quite good right now. I'm sure like everybody else you -- again back in football shape. I'm doing the things that you need to do to -- you get yourself ready for the first game. I've been impressed on what he's done over the first couple days we've got blessed with some some good genes look that a -- toughness to probably think. Elena Fletcher look the Redskins last year. Lost sixteen games and manpower. They're trying to avoid that but already now we've lost -- Jenkins for the first four games of the regular season they'll go through practice tomorrow have a day off on Sunday and then Monday. The boys put the pads on full pad work up right here in Richmond with the Redskins. Sort of back to you but. Thanks so much to hopefully no more bad news leaking attendance Sunday that day and -- no more injuries. CSN Washington dot com.

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