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Fri, 26 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com team we keep talking about a second chance opportunities. That the Mets have received but in this case of -- store and you know he's gonna be -- time now to think about situations. Flame thrower compatible pin has had some brilliant moments in these cats and not so brilliant moment as of Davey Johnson place in on the AAA. Farm team and of course he's not like that but go back. Dan Haren -- that was taken on the fifteen day DL. Came back down about it was true story. The guy's got great pitching ability to carry and it seemed like whenever you get short circuited. -- I think this is really good form the you don't want to look like he -- when he happened to us to have like. Being relegated to -- -- position -- be sent down in the minors in baseball. But he's a tough guy hey who figured out down here and I are who we think it could use his right for. His career this might be a very positive thing here what's the longest current time did you set what are your starters when you stood down. I said a guy down for a couple games just to get him sometimes. He just didn't seem ready to play and so you sit him down and let them watch the game how the games of Dolphins say the first 67 minutes of the game that you put -- -- and hopefully he would really play because he he knew what was going on in the game there wasn't -- him to get us started so. He handled that pretty well but most guys wanna start you know but if you wanna start there's a responsibility to that. You have to be ready to play because we can't afford to get down to a good team when a given night just because guys are ready to play. Are up -- in Davey Johnson's situation. You've now lost a dear friend. The hitting coach who it was let go on -- result. Now you've had to take down a mainstay -- -- cup musical you're -- call your number one start start close rabbit. Now he's got and your team has split the series in gave up eleven runs at home. 'cause they obviously tonight -- well. I think you when your when your coach and you're the manager of the team it's all -- you you you can blame. You know you're you know there's reasons why you're not playing well but nobody wants to hear that they they wanna see you win and they don't want to see you lose it it comes down to that and so. You've got to figure out a way to keep motivating your team. To make them understand that were gonna be really good from here on out were to make a run a distinct before it's over 300 -- if you. Are being challenged by your team things on -- well you give your assistants motivation you give your team but we'll Q would you talk to. It's a lonely job to top -- It's that it's up to you do to be able to handle it if you wanna be -- head coach and I always look to John Thompson. You know he he took a lot of things from a lot of people but you couldn't. Chipped in to him at all you know he's going to do it his way in this way it was that's how you have to be as a coach you you have to be tough enough. You're gonna take some heat but you've got to make the decisions that's that's why you're here at the top guy to make those decisions. CSN Washington dot com.

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