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RG3's family excited to see him in Richmond



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Fri, 26 Jul 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com when it was announced that the Redskins are moving to Richmond perhaps the happy it's Redskins fans. Were all RG three's grandmother and mom and dad and everyone especially the -- Juli out. She -- in -- in the last twelve years so now she gets to see her baby every day for the next three plus weeks -- today. Graham on Juli and Roberts grandmothers and Robert's mother Jackie had a visit with our chick Hernandez. Right I think half the reason that campus here in Richmond. Might be did you make a phone call one of their insiders say look I'd like to see grandson that's -- that's really the grandma -- in the mom Jackie here OK so you're you're appeared get a chance to watch the grandson and then. Mom you up policies you've been there and then watched him as a as a pop but what he went through last year how difficult. Was that for the fans. Well actually it. And we elected as another test because we look at things this tests and trials for girls. And so we just knew that we'll let you do it and we knew he was gonna get to it because some of our faith. So actually it was just -- -- has been we we we keep telling each other this news graders coming because after everything we go to. God does something bigger and better so we just look for greater things to come for the Redskins. I know he was big man on campus and Baylor. What were you prepared for what you see on a daily basis here and back home that your son is. He can't walk and he is he's tiger he's Mohamed Ali he can't walk anywhere but being recognized and someone -- something. That that's also had just a testimony had to say that the anointing that's on his life that we've always believed that he has bad -- my guys. Enjoy even at Baylor. It was I mean he was big man on campus when he had the same. You know had I know suspicious because that's a lesson I have something like that people really loving you think he cared about enough even just wanna. You know autograph but that's amazing to me it is an honor classy people Glavine on my sunlight. -- Julie we see the polished Roberts on TV. And promotional ads all that stuff. Let's be honest to a got a lot of grand -- was it was a bit of a nuisance. Here's the beautiful thing of the night and he is a mandate that. Then it is my understanding is that I -- job. He's a good thing he was a good day so it was -- -- Robert. Ludlum RG three. You nickname for him grown up. We I didn't now is gone and Robert field both Robert. -- realistically journey ahead. Who is that -- McGahee needed to have -- grandson autograph or had you couldn't get that you know we used you don't want your life. And you -- autograph I I don't know -- -- in the house near the that's the -- -- -- well. I won't say isn't there. And then it -- he had a nickname for -- -- me in our David Newhan and our fans and you follow him on Twitter. You don't think you guys -- probably the right. You get nervous when he pleasant. No no we can't be a good morning goes down the what's your reaction I'm -- and really. CSN Washington dot com.

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