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John Riggins reels in a big fish off Texas coast


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Sat, 27 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. -- -- -- you know he's got to vote all fired up pretty good out here today and -- actor universal order -- And through we've got total after Bob -- brought speckled Trout red -- today in these -- somebody came in got a text. Well let's go get after let's do it. Great job being injured and rant about -- -- his favorite spots on. You know I've played team sport I've always been a team player but sometimes where there on the -- and everybody catching fish that you. Are they do it alone. Bobby look at it and -- big time. -- start catching. From now our attention great. Not the big guy. Bryant had one more spot that he knew about count on there before he thought we might look into -- -- So all of a sudden and rod hit it down she went. Helm it is yeah. Not that there's a decent -- here. Good good day at noon. They legroom in a crowded room. They're they're a good. -- a great. It's much better than that boy is here is. That's right here -- we came out for her for the Bruins struggled proud that you can't slash Kansas red. Little over 48 if you can hear they have -- them. Incredible and true. We're guys right there. Did that yeah. CSN Washington dot com.