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  2. John Porter1:56
  3. 7UP2:02
  4. Adam Carriker1:08
  5. Ashworth2:38
  6. Richmond0:05
  7. nose tackle1:43
  8. drug addicted1:07
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Sat, 27 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com allow live to Richmond and the bonds of course Redskins training camp facility Redskins insider target this year joining us and dark up -- her -- best offense ever comments gate attractions back on Thursday he took the podium this morning after walk through. Didn't back down from what he said at all. You know we gave -- every opportunity to back off the comments he made on Thursday. But he didn't. You know I think he's a guy who's just been supremely confident in his own ability and very confident in the scheme and what his -- ago are able to accomplish on the field out there. That said. The Redskins offense averaged 27 point three points a game last year that was best known for fourth best in the league. If they want a crack -- top ten all time third at the score six more points per game in 2013. That doesn't tell a whole lot of points put up a lot of points are reported to my next question Chris -- went down today and carted off the okay. -- excited he would he gave everyone a big scare but as it turns out it was just cramps. Size seems like he's gonna get to go on Monday there's a drug addicted suspended Adam Carriker has surgery -- -- ripple effect -- Start at left and we won. Yeah I'm gonna go Chris Baker and I'll tell you why so during the off season. The Redskins say they knew that there was probably gonna be something going on with care heard that they knew that he had suffered a setback and it was a chance he wasn't going to be able to start the season now we know it's going to be upward of five months. So the party started putting baker at left defensive end now they didn't know about Jarvis Jenkins did all they probably had a sense because you know you get to move up. Positive test was back in March so -- start rotating baker in at left defensive end as a guy who played nose tackle primarily last year but he played some end. In college and he's you know he's got that it was -- that'll help them. I do well out in space as a defensive end and finally got our first start training camp -- competition brought in John Porter I was tied for breath. Man he put on a show. 7UP eight hits 53 yard attempt -- he went over the next. I mean you declared the net -- good six or seven feet his only miss was from 64 yards are you so basically he's just picking up where he left off last year -- and how about. Training facility there after we want what's in the overall I guess and this is it the way -- things turned out. You know I haven't heard any complaints from players from fans you know it's got big open spaces for the fans I I think they like being able to go woman -- get a good vantage point of everything is going on. How fair on the field holding up very well you know how far back in Ashworth and I'm the kind of chopped up after a lot of views DC do holding up very well. Upon you know that we have many thunderstorms are no canceled practices TI I think everyone's pleased the weather certainly played a major part in week one at the Brady -- TARP covers your Redskins insider thanks for much free time they save on your day off receiver. Thanks to. CSN Washington dot com.

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