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Tarik El-Bashir recaps first week of Redskins' training camp



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Sun, 28 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Injuries and suspensions are way of life in today's NFL and as we wrap up week one of training camp the Redskins are already dealing with a little bit of both. But it's -- how teams deal with those setbacks then you make the difference between winning and losing. We're gonna have some guys are gonna have to step up and play well take -- opportunity. And always look at it like you guys get certain the last pre season game he's out there nothing you can do about it actually go on and and these guys -- step up and take advantage of. One of those guys is Chris Baker who played nose tackle and 2012. This offseason the coaches moved him to left end. And it's that versatility that could be his most valuable asset. They're not political most of beautifully yeah. Both positions -- -- -- -- the women's college soon to enforce rules there was -- coaches -- so. Roy fingers or say in a different ball blocking skills and be able to Justin for their first. This is my fourth year in this team and the system got a lot of trust in the players and play beside me. There the coaches put me in the best decisions and guys got to guard your work and only grass and -- -- better each and every day. -- Keenan Robinson most likely lost for the season with another -- oral injuries the Redskins are in the market for a backup for London Fletcher. One of those candidates is Roger McElroy -- fourth round draft pick of the Bengals in 2010. With the might you -- I was going home and everybody defense. I thought I might you gotta give you know these last let up and it and and defensive backs. Just alike column that there's stuff let them makes everybody on the same page. Because not. Because is not look like sinister about this. Think it's what's that old saying no news is good news well the Redskins got some good news after Saturdays practice no more major injuries. Now they just got to hope for better luck as week 2 begins Monday morning in Richmond. With the Redskins Tarik el Bashir CSN Washington. It's CSN Washington dot com.

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