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RG3 talks about his upcoming documentary



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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com coming up later this month of August is going to be documentary coming out. Rocker. People are anticipating this. And how has it been posted an awful to a followed you for a few months now. Yeah you know it's been crazy. You know we don't want to those who feel like a reality TV time -- things so they haven't been following me around 24 Simon but I think. So what they have captured. Really is this is true love who I am in -- -- play the game why do what I do so it's it's been on the DL with a to kind of see how my story told. From behind the -- It's -- a couple of -- a minute and was always someone -- distraction. Even bonus now removed his shirt I believe the pats on the players leave the pins on this is a family shown. We don't find him it was a -- Could you did policy that you'll get good Taylor became the -- -- -- that they don't have no place to. Bonding we heard is going to be among experience assures them and we're all eaten together we're and I mean this has been the reality hadn't had that since. Crazy good. It was fun to be out here on the -- the fans and everything having everything. In house you know guys have to be away from their families so -- does force you hang out with people -- -- know we all of each other anywhere well there's one common goal. Your body that's happening and my -- says you know money's on eleven I mean no we Armani and okay. Let me ask you this. Appears that this could be the greatest offense of all time may be a exaggeration but you never know until the season's over but how much better can this offense being your Q have you offered this team together. This system in place here Q how much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's a good the first couple -- can offer looks better. You know I'm feeling better offensive line is the same that we have from last year so they're -- cohesive as a unit. And I think everybody just has a better grasp of the offense and that's appears on money's not saying that individually we can be the greatest they -- collectively as a group. We have the same guys up on the field that we had last year and we stay healthy. That we can do the best ever so you know I second that motion model -- shy away from them we wanted to some that we saw him up. Preparation and stuff mind though that via press conference awaits the attention is never ending you can only go so well and not great stuff about him. Affirmative. CSN Washington dot com.