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Ryan Kerrigan asks Richmond residents if they know who he is



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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com -- It's -- stances is ranked cared in on the here and carry -- Richmond Virginia talk to some Redskins fans about training camp and see if they know. Who -- cared and as any anybody on the defensive side of the ball in fort Watson. -- London Fletcher however and when you see him on defense. That's the arm -- and three. And me two -- is a heck of player what about what about -- outside linebackers mean London's an inside linebacker Micah. You have any favorite outside linebacker from from the Redskins have a favorite left outside linebacker for the Redskins. Now. And I -- Now. It just London. Yeah I learned from these and I like him too he's he's a good player and even on the media guys I mean you knew these guys are. Mean do that is. That looks like. That looks like one -- -- there. It's all Coleman on the who have that is his -- his -- and that's RG three and that's. This trio Williams as one of our or Marla that's our left tackle but what about this what about this guy over here. -- -- -- Does it look like -- meeting here -- turnaround and he pulled pulled it does is go play aren't you. He looks like either he looks like me yeah I would just the night and really I mean I I've gotten at the -- -- Are kind of Klinsmann that's kind of familiar. You know you don't know who -- don't look like anybody you've marry -- -- below mentally. Well would like -- -- What what would you say if if this if he was standing right in front of you. Don't know. Maybe I think they're very Humphries to -- the pick on pleased to -- -- this well. I'm right I'm Ryan Kerrigan I'm on this gentleman on the on the cover there it's in your book. Males are gone there. Good guys. It's OK I get a lot of gotten a lot today -- -- let's look at Oprah what's we'll see what his name is. I think that. -- -- the linebacker section. I think is. Think you threatened -- -- like him. Let's say left outside linebacker. -- yeah ever for what is Ryan Kerrigan. Is. What's what's what's what what's mine and my name's -- Kerrigan. It's nice to meet you good. Nice to meet him but it can -- -- glad to have you on camera today and thanks Sarah thanks for participating with us. Oh man that -- got to go. I think that if I were back here Redskins dot com. With hiding if your name being out Danielle nicely to Danielle. Come as you know the Redskins are here in town for training camp have you been over to watch any practices -- yesterday I had to have a good time a dead -- I am -- out. You gonna come to some games this year yeah definitely -- you've been you've been a pretty a lifelong fan. I am on my five years on nice any any particular players here looking forward to watch in this here. Crying carrying a pitcher has been pleased that Kerrigan gather you've he kind of fit Smith and for him. Each fan the moment what what what would you say to him is if you happen around and him today. If I don't get them up and basically become. Put it that you -- you wouldn't say what I sail idea ability to pick it -- Must you must have been the glove who's done it. Hi. Nice to meet you and I mentioned it's been great. Like. Annual I'm glad that led to make your Sunday a little better. CSN Washington dot com.

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