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RGIII shows off healthy knee at training camp



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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. What knee injury. RG three testing out that injured wheels are running around high fives with fans in Richmond today as the -- -- goal returned to practice after a day off. On Sunday. He looks pretty good. He looks pretty good -- -- long -- the -- get it done chick Hernandez -- now live from Richmond. Chick I'm sure you -- smooth talking crazy already you're accustomed to that. But the race the Redskins got a scare today as it pertains to DeAngelo Hall. Yeah vote before the scary yes I'm old enough to have -- Fred Smoot so I know that he would be back out of his mind it at the but nothing all that -- -- that the that's why we're doing a lot from read every single practice or recent game he gave us stuff we could not forget. What club that a minute yeah. Not a big deal according to the other quarterback you know much was made last year of the relationship between the quarterback. And the coach at the end of last year get a player in fact convince the -- stay in the game shouldn't the coach protect the player they both admit that the trust should be earned and better this year and so Robert Griffin the third the plan is in place in the lines of trust. Is very clear this season. We were gonna wrap it up a little bit they're gonna give me a few more reps and walked there every day. And then after that it's just about him. Put me into the team reps trust him in there and I'll be Smart and and know them Charleston and I can make the moves of -- Johnson and I thought I can. Once again I gotta defer to coach and let -- offensive. Part of the growth than any football team his guys going from the first year in the second year we get to know personally get to know professionally. And as we've stated before we knew of him. Didn't do the best for Robert Dornan do we think is best for him to make sure that. He stays healthy and make sure that we don't push him too quick or too hard. And hopefully there is no setback and if there's there is no set back and his guys will. You know for me I look forward to being back out there next week -- maybe not doing the whole practice -- a few reps here and there. And that's kind of what they told me kind of just depends on how things go and I think a lot to show them after six straight days of practice on Monday is fond of -- -- a lot more receptive to put nothing physically I have no pain I have no swelling and thank god for that -- and not a lot of guys get blessed the to have. This far to the rehab and get back on the field. And then mentally I -- there's no mental obstacle for me you know fifth. CSN Washington dot com.