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Alfred Morris: "I'm just ready to get on the gridiron"



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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. What did you do in the off season -- do you really get a lot of request to -- in the millionaire -- so I was. Man who is here in a bank was -- here is they're flying here flying there. I I finally over and over Scott now also -- -- flat. And from then I started in right then wail like image anywhere from. That point until. Like April -- like between 5000 miles. Just hit it and I easiest job and traveled a lot so loud as they -- really units on the -- I'm just as well out of my best that's lab animals -- -- when he definitely hands. The traveling. Your Mazda slash Bentley last year I hear it's getting. Reworked it is what's the what's the deal there modern -- wanna refer to it on like they're not out of. And you know these things in him no fish tanks in -- -- the season south isn't like that. Body gonna make you like you knew when he came off the floor I think national chains like from the scenes -- you don't change from class Coughlin didn't change who led the increases. -- and fix the cracks in the day as Roy hit it I know that I have and I -- -- -- still a little things like that that's good enough plays and all of they would like wooden. GB and I got navigation system like slash radio you have when navigation system EMI foul at half. A half and offered what you want you just did it. Because that does not the only I'm not exist as the cause of like downing always for the car I have inches is a landing teams is now the key to the hot wheels. Don't want about what I wanna drive I got fastened. I want known as the big waste of money the things -- like six miles per gallon try to listen now I. How much is that the corners as a show car and I -- to show -- -- -- I want some backpacking this'll last me back and use like any day. I'm I'm really so far in my dream caused it to fortunately improbable so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And speaking of -- -- off seasons the eastern motors commercial. How long does that take to do the air quite a quiet guy also about the other day it didn't think it. That's a lot of -- -- believe you me I'm a move Glaus who I loved laughter. I love having fun saw me out that that was his media myself committee next media stuff it was is like you know if -- would -- -- that they else give his point is that. Flashes at time I just dance or how it is so. I made it -- day long for like 1015 minutes of you know they got a lot out take some stuff and those there. She added. Dispose of the video while we're doing some out things that I do I was damn -- joking around. Had a little fun in the process. CSN Washington dot com.