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Latest on Hall: Rolled ankle, doesn't seem serious



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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com -- today skins secondary got a scare when DeAngelo Hall was the very latest. Well De'Angelo rolled his right ankle in practice today the initial reports are that. It's not that serious but he's gonna have X rays just to make sure there's no fracture or anything that that needs to be taking care of now he was up backpedaling on cost guy Dawson who made a very sharp caught on a comeback route. And windy -- -- with the play of his right foot you could tell he felt a sharp pain he immediately crumpled down to the turf. He was helped to the sidelines got to mice he came back again. And gone back to sprinted down the field in coverage and they seem like he made it a little bit worse. -- and then he came out and didn't go back into the practice. For operative for the duration of of the session. It's been practicing tomorrow or. Woody just -- about to that third pre season game. You know I think Don Mike Shanahan said afterwards that you know this is the type of injury that over the next 24 hours will have a better idea of how severe it is so obviously that's something will be keeping an eye on tomorrow these. Not out there for walk through and doubling out there for practice it's maybe something that that Bears watching. All right RG three was asked today has been the most impressive guy so far in camp it's early it's -- But I wanted to listen this reaction. Probably out of Robinson. You know these guys that play in high school ball against them so it's it's good to see those guys make it doesn't you know. And I think he's really stepped his game up to the next level. Who's the guy that we definitely have to go on the field a lot more. Very dynamic very fast and the one thing he's really improved is his consistency catching the ball. Especially in traffic. Robinson's second. Your wideout out of S did you wouldn't you agree with that assessment -- Yeah you know -- it is very very early in camp. But you know Aldridge has made some spectacular catches I just today he made a one handed over the shoulder catch over cornerback. Right in the corner of the end zone. A little while later though I he had a ball thrown to him deep down the sideline he got both hands on it but his -- dislodged it when he kind of jumped unnecessarily. So yeah that's something that coach Mike Shanahan talked about yesterday. The big thing for all the Robinson is here is going to be establishing consistency. High number of last year. Late in the season he had back to back a long touchdown receptions against the Eagles and Cowboys and then he wasn't targeted again for the final six games. Pro because he couldn't get open in those games so that's something to Alter is gonna really have to focus on the jury that is. Being consistent consistent effort and also grabbing those balls and referred to throw into. Our target you know social media is blowing up everybody's on it and now Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has done so. What are the prospects that Mike Shanahan might actually get himself but what -- hand. You know I -- Manila about coach Mike Shanahan today. And I figured out why he has been returning any of my emails he doesn't do email he also doesn't go on Twitter. And will we asked about died of other forms of social media he said that I -- just learn how to text about two years ago and he actually called faxing before correcting himself safe. Texting so yet he's old school -- I don't see him getting on Twitter anytime soon if. Ever he's always just a lot of bullets absolutely -- -- -- -- join us live from -- of the latest on the Redskins they get ready. That first pre season game down for a -- thanks so much. CSN Washington dot com.

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