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Alfred Morris primed to build on huge rookie year



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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. -- -- Second leading rusher in the NFC last year any pressure to repeat. No. And no pressure on me a lot of people knew it of course you gonna wanna see that -- -- have as from. A personal standpoint as well you know fans and once you go dig in and help you know -- -- team win and that's some I don't known for now -- How do you there's enough pressure as it is an impressive athlete so there's no one Maddon expressed his -- go out and -- and I've been doing this have time. Did you surprise yourself at all what you accomplished. Not not really but you can see it I was more surprised them opportunity canceled. -- remorseful about you have people -- -- opportunity I've just been known with comment. And actually came a lot earlier than expected -- on I got a chance and three season. -- one of the veterans and kind of solidified will be in. Just go from build -- of that you know what I mean I knew that. I'd actually be successful on this level you and Robert worked so well together with thread have you -- and -- -- -- -- helps you. This year this off I was you -- as well as some things to it how excited are you. Be back on the field and and showcases often they sat up and boy is all things out there being young and roam around and boy that is local Barton is honest I have -- I yourself. I was due back in and be at a good level deal last you know we had a great. And second half last season about saving games in the post season Phil -- I mean if there was any. Just like you don't like sitting game -- play that's tough to do -- we -- each other. The goal would be to post season. And -- -- in this -- great foundation last year and I was pretty good up -- -- became complacent. How old does last year the way it ended drive you to. He's of that face -- -- a whole policy of the work so hard he has to do what we were that the play -- in the fall short. And a lot of things that one again should have you know we -- a game away and that -- back -- -- conference off but I kept going afford to do that no we got his you know comfort zone coverage now. And they came back and -- as you know fortunately you know that happens so -- this is Ramada like you can't you know can't zone that we. It just feels Ulysses and -- we can't adapt and again like this is an all star so it was -- 00 but yeah I think it one game at a time to do. CSN Washington dot com.

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