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DeAngelo Hall shaken up at training camp



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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. I shake what exactly did you see out there I imagine it Redskins nation with holding its breath when they saw Paul go down today. Yeah everybody is following Twitter Nicole it was a mad dash of what's wrong with the Angelo but in fact. It turns out of that talking to -- just but I have our growing came off the field he said with a wry smile. Not too much going on right now he just turned his right ankle just a little bit too much. But it was painful he got to take them try to go back capitals Capel left and after one or two plays he shut it down he said -- it's an X rays and see what's what. But not overly concerned is the at all as of this for the game. He'd be it pass for the second week of training camp Robert Griffin the third -- getting more reps each and every day here. In Richmond and they were the first they spoke after training camp has begun and you can imagine well like her whoever is -- with you said. He wants to play the game. It's not easy to it's us that are -- in and watch it. I just got I call it operation patients another sort of vindication. Operation patients will be a must -- they wanna have number ten on the field come the regular season. Nearly seven months removed from having his ACL repaired as much as is -- has been talked about according to the owner of Sydney. What -- I don't think come on full of it. I don't really worry about my leg anymore I just play football. That's a sign that you're getting ready you know consistently -- for him embrace. Quite a bit on the first day and everybody made a big deal out of that but. Not so great. Wild grips weights Kirk cousins and Rex Grossman. Think the bulk of the reps growing number ten is on his way back. Their jobs. To keep the offense up to speak. -- mindset is just like you said to make sure that the expectations of the office doesn't miss a beat when Roberts out and then that's a high expectation is about towns and Robert is but. That's like asking demand of myself and that's the coaches ask of me and I've ever wanna be a starter in this league had better do that. Every season kind of have it has its own evolution of how the offense kind of comes together our core base plays are always gonna stay the same but. You know every year changes a little bit not just based on pure clan or or. You know what we're good at that a year you know at the running game has as good -- years it did last year. -- -- -- -- It is I mean that's the best part about this you know other quarterbacks you know -- understand -- this offense and you know isn't enough when not to India and so you know them they could be you know talents that are. You know me then that's facets Robin Hood bill eleven all of them do great results from. And for the face the franchise last year both he and coach admitted there was that trust gap if you will. Gotta be honest about an injury that's kept continues the -- balls in the QB. Is on the same page as his coach. You're gonna have ramped up a little bit they're gonna give me a few more reps and walked there every day. And then after that it's just about him. Put me into the team reps trust him in there and I'll be Smart and -- know them Charleston and I can make the -- so -- Johnson and I thought I can move. And once again I gotta defer to coach and let him make that decision. Has Robert Griffin the third in some 46 minutes after practice ends we can tell the -- of the franchise he is still out now right now signing autographs for fans everywhere he walks Nicole. They chant his name. RG three did learn by the way they -- Robinson the linebacker by getting his tech. Operate on that next Tuesday to go. Gagged and actually here's some of that chanting and made an art sound check earlier of certain crazy out there action. Thanks so much. CSN Washington dot com.

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