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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back Donald Trump paying a visit to our area in anticipation of the junior PGA championship to be held at trump National Golf Club beginning July 30. It's the first time a state of Virginia will host attorney and the Donald took some time out to sit down with our Brian Mitchell to talk about it. Now you got -- 38 PGA dream can't sit here why it's so important that you didn't follow golf at a lower level. Well these are great players and these some of them will be on the tour and the girls in the boys they call girls and the boys because they are very young. But did tremendously talented people and I was watching them today. And I played pretty good golf and I always tell you these kids that are just going to be you know they really special. And these courses set up at 7200. Yards poor kids some of my thirteen fourteen years old. And did they go up to eighteen and they're very very long hitters so I wish -- and frankly when I sort set up at 7200 and for the girls set up at 68200 that's very long. So we have great players and they're having an awfully good time at the PGA America if America has been fantastic to me. So the relationship has been outstanding and we're having a lot of fun together. CSN Washington dot com yeah.

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