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Storen's demotion, Clippard's comments create drama



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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. I'm yet Clippers yet the quote he was upset when he is said -- story down. Since you started down to the minors I think they have a lot of these Atlanta this that could have been prevented. You know you're very specific I am message itself to let one bad game that he's not the guy for the job he's only human I -- it's going to get anybody. I'll fated -- -- -- all of them that it's okay yeah this is out for us professional sports. This is not right through it hasn't. I don't care what they brought in depth and -- get a hot -- did -- -- -- know everybody -- kept them away because I believe in me. I didn't let it did bother me to be block somebody else in that may be a little bit and you thought was going to be better that's when it's elderly is about competition at this level. I don't care if you have a lot of friends on the team might think if we get some miles don't make me make my team Bennett an historic since he was well. Mentally because they've bought and that's -- Wouldn't want him almost want to do it or mentally tough -- I think if you listen look Clifford said though he says he understands why they sit him down to triple -- this is a guy who. -- -- -- -- ballooned to nearly six so he had to do something so -- -- this -- with the nationals -- I don't honestly. It's good that it was Bubba hurt because his best friend and roommate got that netted xxx at others -- this is just an almost response we say look. I love the guy I feel bad because of what happened in the offseason bringing in Soriano but this is a good guy I think he agreed with the nationals were doing he was just upset. He's just -- -- it was not pick a bit of what what version of what somebody else think this better than they understood I think you would just acting out because -- -- his -- but I'd -- at it it doesn't happen you. -- cry. For but I don't chase you down. If they did them -- -- Hope you get the message that if you're not doing your job penalty and you -- rough and I -- clip or the way you've been pitching a lot sometimes as you you might wanna be worried about don't know maybe he and I think they were too comfortable they need to get some of making -- -- -- -- with two months there about a plus you know there's no crying in baseball to you and -- he's probably crying. CSN Washington dot com.