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Harper: 'I could care less who I face'



  1. Philly1:49
  2. Kansas0:26
  3. Milwaukee0:28
  4. Detroit1:48
  5. Giants1:47
  6. Washington0:00, 2:01
  7. Win ball games1:53
  8. play baseball1:17
Tue, 30 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com -- know. You guys been careful not to look too far ahead. To coming here on a three game winning. Is there a little better but. You know baseball discussing when the time and sometimes you do out there and do well sometimes you terrible so. Hopefully coming here and you know place team in Kansas -- -- team going in Milwaukee and hopefully keep going there. -- it's great team and area once once at a time and some of these guys and I had a ball -- -- tomorrow those in the tough so we got -- -- -- -- in particular. That matchup -- -- -- don't look forward to because of what he's done. I just facing guys that -- we some the case throughout there and -- Verlander it's Hirsch our -- And of all time so many guys are -- in this league we can't. Yeah OK -- Jason inefficient again tonight show whether any events and don't Wear us. -- -- Let's play baseball and definitely throwing guys you like. Are you seeing the same as my best there. -- about friends and a lot of guys time to make playoffs so how much for watching them play and hopefully. Knowing getting some -- mormons have good test this series it's only two games and faces. And as a contest that -- I guess tell us who -- It's. Giants are. Detroit -- Philly area right. This direction and turned it. Win ball games and you do do things right way and you know hopefully got UW's. CSN Washington dot com.