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Michael Jenkins tries out for D.C. United at goalie



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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. In my many is the Comcast sports that I could -- -- the weather that he shot off my dad shooting touch the basketball but today. Showcase my theory here. When you catch it. And make sure you get your hands behind the ball just like that. Just like that don't -- on the side. Is good chance they'll slither. Pitch in the face we don't want that Garcia happening now I know you don't want that now so this is my money maker exactly. -- Yeah it's still has got it up to give -- some basic instruction on what it takes to be a goal keeper Major League soccer and while I handled some of the drills okay. Everything came apart there. When they decided to fire a few shots and nearly break my fingers. Seriously I was thinking you vs -- might not be too shabby either about the same age any were really get any or hurt. Opt out of my fingers that that ain't gonna need a an ice bath tonight so those sore muscles and here at all don't do that I think elects that while -- and -- Just take it took -- of all the way around that that is. -- -- my age. Get me he's the head. Colonel from all of failing Colin -- CSN Washington dot com.

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