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Where does John Wall rank among other point guards?



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  2. Chris Paul2:12
  3. John Wall1:12, 1:21, 1:40
  4. Derrick Rose0:51, 1:07
  5. Gary Williams0:06, 2:45
  6. Jrue Holiday1:53
  7. New Orleans1:57
  8. NCAA tournament0:57
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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|


Csnwashington.com. All right we're joined now by our head Coach Gary Williams and coach lets talk about walls contracts seven point 45 million and the 2013 2014 season. Qualifying offer in the following season what do you think. Was not starving. That's for sure. What do Wizards have to figure out is do they wanna see him -- -- the year before they make a Max offer and they wanna make -- actual for now because really after this coming season. They could any qualifying offer they could match in keeping yourself. Or not. There's you know that they could go couple ways but when you look at the point guards around the league that's a very important position a lot of great players play the point -- position now. Well let's break it down when it comes to. Other number one overall picks at the point guard position you got Derrick Rose. You got -- Irving where does he rank among those players. Woman and figure Grossman took a said the NCAA tournament. A couple of years ago but. All players when they leave early from college. Need to get better or something Derrick Rose has become a better shooters you see he left college. And the same John Wall I think John walls were part of his game to become better. He deserved to be the number one pick where when he was -- was taken so. I think he compares favorably John Wall was still 22 years old so he's still on the development stage in terms of his age but. The Wizards need him down -- kind of drive them toward the playoffs this year and that's how you should judge -- point court whether he can make everybody else play better and not just. His points his assists things like that that power the Wizards going to do with John Wall to point this year. Now all around game absolutely now that brings me smile last question -- top ten point guards in the league you mentioned a few point guards but. There's really an elite list when it comes to the top ten points are just. The other is you look at Jrue Holiday of the Philadelphia he quietly had a great year but he was traded to New Orleans and he he was really good he had a recovery Goodyear Tony Parker. For a long time before got hurt last year he was considered the best record. In the league especially with. Of the fact that Rose wasn't playing for Chicago. You Chris Paul people like him because he seems to make everybody else better and he's so quick with a basketball. And that's what war has he has that ability with a quickness to go coast to coast pluses -- shot clock runs down. He can break down to defense and create opportunities for other players by making the right pass so. I'm I'm a big fan of John Wall because I think he's gotten better since he's been here with the Wizards now with the other pieces involved they have a chance to let John. Help them get toward the playoffs. Yes and we certainly wanna see him a full season without any injuries thanks so much always a pleasure talking hoops. But Coach Gary Williams. CSN Washington dot com.

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