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DeAngelo Hall injured at Redskins training camp


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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Article lawyers -- -- and -- all hit an MRI on that right ankle after the morning practice the results are it's a sprained ankle what is. It's an injury that's more to the back of vehicle imagery. He's never had before it's actually quite painful and there's a lot and hitting really you can do sport right now. Your. There's a lot of a lot of treatment a lot. Home and just rest you know in this. In all our guys jokingly yeah you wanna you you know you knew you wanted the -- yeah what did they open -- like this you know I was in I was from the start to -- this done to get in this. In the -- ball -- and you know it's the same got to you know. It's an -- little bit risks. Because you know -- -- you really -- it go to team chemistry and you know you really get clicking the guys and a hopeful that we. No longer on the -- do some really good. The real news is that -- that Achilles tendon nothing wrong with that that's very good news for DeAngelo Hall. CSN Washington dot com.

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