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Niles Paul ready to make his mark on special teams



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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. We're now is Paul left Nebraska he was fifth. All time and all purpose yards on the list with Heisman winners like Mike -- here Johnny Rodgers. And Eric proud. He's making his living in the NFL on special teams and he's doing. For survival odds -- keep my job soon then he's going and make him play against those teams. And it's as we do this we got to do like most young players who put up big numbers in college Paul was expecting or at least hoping. To have an impact for the Redskins on offense so the transition hasn't necessarily been easy as the playmaker has been forced to put his ego aside and so -- -- You know the guy at Nebraska the get a tennis so bad game you know guys you college role models -- Santana Moss -- -- Beckett and behind room when it comes. Do you guys. When he was -- 'cause he was a big physical receiver but I think. More so anything he does -- do everything. You know I liked him as a receiver when he first came and they moved in the tidy and -- like him as a tidy that I love the most special teams you can see there early on his career. As an outstanding talent you know physically news there's not a lot of people like in the world is some news -- -- -- -- division won in three sports track basketball football. So I mean that's like a special athlete he's a big guys 240004. For forty so. Definitely he's got this great tremendous that the schools are still so the last and be successful and on special teams. Last season Paul made maybe this special teams player of the year up picture perfect hit against the Vikings. That made market Sherrill to lose his helmet as teammates almost lose their minds. And they're releasing announce it like that that we could block really well as a receiver but not that level so it was them as if I want to Major League hit -- maturity he grew it. And that didn't -- so. I kind of tugged at temple and slowed down a bit soon to him a lot harder but I gotta do. You could hit them harder yeah Africa but that's a good to bridge step to slowed down so I didn't. Him before he gets -- ball. It's a huge place for our team you know and the fact that he's part of our group them. But we kind of like -- a little cinema unit in there in that room there to see him do well is really special and so Jemison formal another thing you did a good job. Appreciate it because of the movement his head -- me. Do you -- 2000 -- -- it was crazy and wild and Fella would you say you hit him always is hard is it that does an element you will still Baghdad and let you know I'm still allows so. Yeah hopefully it was a little bit softer than that. CSN Washington dot com.

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