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Is young Redskins secondary ready to produce?



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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Cut to sit and wait so while yes it the -- guys like David Emerson the quarterback got up NC state get ample time he can use it in fact. All the young guys can. On the -- to -- I'll still felt like I got by as I need to prove almost had a pretty good week zone. Still managed to China to make plays and just have fun and enjoy the moment with the first week of training camp in the books the seven drafted and ten undrafted rookies. Are learning that life in the NFL is all about one thing speed. Just how much of simple it is from OTAs and offseason you know our guys a lot more fired up and ready to go and I guess this closes the season and you know so just picking up a little bit -- -- got as -- besides I really didn't think that the speed -- -- was going to be senses -- issue for me. But it has been and you know that's one thing that I'm still -- term -- on right now on -- there. Have to find that happy medium. So speed kills and so does not knowing your assignments but being a rookie sometimes doesn't even matter if you're right has tends to. And walked through just Galaxy for no reason why it just gets on you and I know he wants to be repaired right. As just running and I -- you -- him before replaced arm Torre get the play and you know yeah I mean he gets on -- rookies and so I understand that. Last year these young fellas were in college but school is not out -- hit the NFL. Just the opposite this is when they go from boys. To -- But I got alone Christmas -- on -- -- be telling me to begin with roommates. In my playbook and know what to do so once again deduct it communicated slumming it. You -- -- division wanna be you know as good as you push yourself -- -- he says -- do you know where where you take dissent it is a business so at the same time you got to. Got to know how to manage -- time you have to you have to basically steady every single day Kansas even the things that you know exist. Just hone in on home because it's always Coates -- some point in there and. That's young fellow and their love love all. They're all gonna get some playing time if Mike Shanahan has is way over the last two years -- players drafted. They've all been on the 53 man roster one point nineteen of them -- seeing some action and one work on -- Nicole. -- -- Tristan Davis out of Auburn in the second year in the morning. Went in the Mike Shannon's offices said. I'm done. I'm retired football my heart -- minute and coach said. Okay took Jason Davis has done as they Washington Redskins perspective. CSN Washington dot com.