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The future of the Redskins depends on RG3's patience



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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. I felt good out there. -- you know it's it's not easy do it to sit around and and watch it. -- not a hard call it operation patients another sort of indication. And I believe that operation patients remain single for a long time. And -- is coming robes -- by Geico announces his general RG three's patience. It's key to the risk -- long term success I'm not just worried about right now. You watch and you could see and the things he's doing the guy is very Smart he's very clever. Running full of it all high fives and stuff like that he's trusting -- and you will be more but Mike Shanahan and the crew has been Smart enough. And keep pushing him to be patient because if he. He hit out of the room and get back to what he was this. Hit the future of this franchise that jeopardy because I think he's thinking too. -- patience is virtues of the need for our entire lives and it's hard sometimes when you know you can do something and someone is holding you back. But I think they're holding him back for the betterment of not only their jobs. Don't get it twisted now I'm -- -- It's his future I think he says -- just really -- it's not about. 2013. It's about the rest of this young man's career truth he is the face of the franchise not for one year. Hopefully ten plus years something that Redskins you know you've been waiting for that franchise guy so why would you parading him out. What he's not 100%. Even when he is 100%. -- the race one day at a couple. -- and a lot easy he is he's got the dog has got to be not on a cart guys and why he's done little things. He'll try to make them say look -- can take more. But they have to be patient because the main thing. You -- run around do whatever you want control in the control atmosphere but once you get out there when he can't control little other animals on the fat. Then things change a little bit not think Mike Shanahan them or doing exactly that thing Mike Lee and Robert has to learn. To be patient. And make no mistake about it on the teams that will be facing a Redskins this year we'll have no sympathy on them -- after what they did to these most of these teams last year carving up with that. An unbelievable offense. -- -- -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com yeah.

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