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Will the Redskins depend on the run this year?



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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com of RG three is limited. All the skated well they leaned sort of run when they depend on. I mean you know better than anybody else fourth when he was able to do last year and I thought was a byproduct of seen scouting RG 31. Now if -- in the third and great to go or if he's limited I think all eyes are now that running game as you know. Mike Shanahan has a way over the years of bringing guys along and -- running back position to put up some yards 16113. Yards is nothing to sneeze -- last year Bob -- This weblog as these are golf that is whether Griffin is limited or not. I think they're gonna lean on the running game because you got a quarter was coming off injury I think that mindset of this team -- -- let's establish some line. To get people worried about that -- can do some things because this year Robert is going to be you came in this season of last year what all hype and people went after -- They go after me more vision because he's Alou won't. He's coming off injury so I'll put the ball have -- -- they hit twelve -- yours rusty without remnant there's already so you still easily the very violent runner. They're gonna happen the pin on and have some other -- is getting involved as well could you don't wanna have Robert out there I understand -- -- is going to be patient. He's learned from the past I don't believe. You were in Richmond today you had a chance to see Robert up close and personal clearly you said it -- people have said it also about his competitive nature. You can't teach old dog new tricks when supposed to be in. An alpha male going out there and you know he's hurt. But he wants to be out their first team is because he said it over and over last year he thinks he gives that team the best chance to win every time he's out on the football field -- girls he was one leg like he was. He was only 5% and he was in the last game I just don't feel our. I don't totally believe and I'm not knocking him because I'm the same -- you know about it out on the feel of what we give you would have he's there same person or -- he's one of those guys. By John -- always say about by Allen Iverson got to protect him from himself. CSN Washington dot com.

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