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Garcon adjusts to taking the defense's focus


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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. A different feel for you you know when you're in Indianapolis it was you know. Reggie and Marvin were taken the focus and you've got a chance to get off do you wanna do now you're that guy that's taken the focus and the younger guys. They're not old now. They're getting a look because you're you're drawn traffic. I -- part of games is that if you say yes. When you're mentally and it was going to take advantage of the opportunity. They call plays for us for me to distract me you know probably need to get the ball so. Whenever your mind that response got to prepare for an you know take advantage of those guys tell me you know. To learn how. They were when you get the ball and learn how to not himself usually -- as a team effort and again to the team. That sounds great here we go to so when a little bit they Robert seriously. -- -- -- -- -- I think gets elevated -- -- -- -- every every parents daisy even where -- to -- him in practice throughout the bragging that I was opening Hamels yeah. I'm going to be of the fifth effect that took a cookbook. That don't have enough that you what's the hottest place you've been asked to sign an autograph. Me on the body on body out there on the body. But that's if that's Barrett and a designer. Yeah. The strangest place. That you've been recognized as a Washington risk. He knows travel -- the get me in LA eighty page -- Canadians have is that. Think they were gonna have a -- you -- a lot of footballs Bruins fans. Particular -- In Atlanta a couple I've never gonna find very camera guy you know I'm -- season -- the day ended in the season in 25500 for that too much too much. -- CSN Washington dot com.

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