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Fred Smoot recalls a Bruce Smith prank



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  2. ballroom dancing1:08
  3. Deion Sanders0:17
  4. Ravens0:24
  5. Knicks0:54
  6. Pennsylvania1:07
  7. Washington0:02, 1:38
Tue, 30 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I figuring out the Redskins signed defensive end Bruce Smith after the night in night season he played four years in DC during which time. He passed Reggie -- all time sack record. Deion Sanders -- or do you see -- Bruce Smith but after outpouring in baseball the flashlight out return man signed with the Ravens in 2004. He stayed through the 05 season without Brett I know you played. With first met yet or about the old veteran -- public -- limited US had a a bit different them -- obviously if -- I was a rookie. Coming in training camp he'll -- never hold that he had been our team idea that Isaac come in in. The first thing they do is -- me to sing of course we praise and wanna be -- up I think on the on the scene. They take me to the fear -- post not like they do the rookies these day they left me there to the Knicks practice the that is three hours. So we come back the next day -- -- that we get to practice and I'm going at them Doumit and they like you got a -- left. So I -- -- seeing -- so welcome back to my dorm room this week to go to Pennsylvania welcome back to a ballroom dancing in shirt shorts in. Clocks in mattresses on the ground and I was the -- of -- sudden get to my room. It without my stuff they did throw it up the one that -- just -- -- -- -- -- did -- they make him. Like I think I'd enjoy it now adopted home put me in it probably closest to my teammates. Bruce Smith thought -- and -- yet if indeed that's what -- -- of both. CSN Washington dot com.

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