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Gary Williams: 'Wall is a quality point guard'



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Wed, 31 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Thank -- sports net central update. Everybody in the holder with your Geico sports net central update after three years of being the face of the Wizards franchise John Wall is in negotiations for a new contract with the team. Last week reports said that the former number one pick. Would receive an eighty million dollar contract. Which sparked plenty of debate around the area with more on John Wall here's a cold there on with our hoops guru Gary Williams. Coach let's talk about walls contracts seven point 45 million and the 2013 2014 season. Qualifying offer in the following season what do you think. Was not starving. That's for sure. What do Wizards have to figure out is do they wanna see him play -- the year before they make a Max offer -- they wanna make the Max -- for now because really after this coming season. They could any qualifying offer they could match and keep him here so they're not. There's you know that they could go couple ways but when you look at the point courts around the league that's a very important position a lot of great players play the point -- position now. -- and that brings me to my next question. And we've been asking us a lot is mall a franchise player in NBA. Well you better have a franchise player at that position because there's about you know Derrick Rose -- Tony Parker. Kyle Irving is Cleveland now Rondo Boston. They're the reason there's teams have been good and you need to have a quality point court wall is equality point court whether he's reached that elite status where he should get. You know one of those maximum offers are not. I think the Wizards would like to see this year but at the same time it would really make a statement if they did do it before the season sort of this year. About a duel for this edition of Geico sports net central -- -- holder for CSN Washington back. CSN Washington dot com.

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