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Tarik El-Bashir breaks down the Skins injury woes



  1. Nick Barnett0:19
  2. Donte' Stallworth1:04
  3. Mike Shanahan0:30
  4. Chris Thompson1:20
  5. Kristin Davis1:40
  6. Pro Bowl0:46
  7. Trent Williams0:44
  8. the Packers0:22
  9. strained hamstring1:08
  10. left tackle0:45, 0:46
Tue, 30 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Our guys understand the Redskins found someone to fill the spot and Keenan Robinson do you have any injury updates out there today. That -- right stay on the Nike and Robbins is most likely to miss the remainder of the season. Body brought in Nick Barnett he formerly of the bills also played for the Packers 32 year old. I eight of the ten seasons he's played the NFL he's gone over a hundred tackles they brought him in -- worked out today. Mike Shanahan didn't watch the -- government number team officials were out there on the field. And he reported back to -- said for what he heard things went well. There is no signing imminent but it's something good to keep an eye on it. -- in terms of the other injuries aren't Trent Williams on the left tackle Pro Bowl left tackle. He aggravated his left wrist injury that is that this is an injury he came into training camp with mind you we didn't know about this he landed on it awkwardly today. And died he left though though the practice late in the session with some ice on that race so that's the thing that really keep an eye on. Wide receiver Donte' Stallworth. He -- missed three practices now with that strained hamstring you know it's already going to be -- tough lineup to crack but it's even going to be tougher. For a guy who's not out there on the field. -- a couple updates on two running backs are rookie Chris Thompson. He's been held up the last two days remember he's coming off ACL surgery I caught him coming off the field and massive they had he had any sort of setback he said no no setback. He's that guy is just getting some rest and asked Shanahan about it on he told us that he looked a little slow its batteries practice so we didn't wanna push into -- And not finally -- Kristin Davis guided a lot of you folks out there may not have heard of why you running back trying to make the team. He walked in the -- in his office is morning and said look coach. My heart's not in football anymore and now he told the team that he intends to retire so that may be the last -- for a first in Davis. CSN Washington dot com.

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