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Stiff competition for final Redskins' roster spots



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Wed, 31 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Rob Garland in Richmond. -- joins us live from Redskins training camp and rob I'm glad to know that you're dry because it was raining down there. Now while the bats aren't too fond of training camp this actually the time. For a lot of guys to try to turn some heads. Yet jail every year during training camp we all across the country. Tune in and watch hard knocks and we get this awesome behind the scenes and all access coverage we all love each and every year. And every year some of the best stories to come out from the guys that don't even make the team they're undersized. Undrafted free agents but each and every year they -- stories. Are so compelling. Thousands of Redskins fans here every day training camp is about the stores and a chance to see their heroes. But for almost half of the ninety players on the field it's all about putting something on tape every day. Trying to earn a spot on the 53 man roster takes everything you know I mean. Character. Can get -- the you know. The coaches still like yeah that's about it you know they're not gonna keep someone around just as that you're a nice -- center Kevin Matthews signed as a free agent from Tennessee. He spent time on their practice squad he's been on the active roster and even started three games plus. His dad his hall of Famer Bruce Matthews. Doubt is always in his mind I'm constantly thinking and you know one day it's like man I saw coming to cut and then watching film it's like OK well I can do this and it's. Yeah you have to have confidence in her -- -- got -- -- going to be able to perform but the opportunities for the guys on the bubble aren't always there Scott Dawson is an undrafted free agent from TCU he's made an impression. Chip Reeves is undrafted from Troy and both understand how important each play is for their survival. Almost three days so you know I'll give him those are rigged in third or so and they -- again in my -- Opposite -- -- like coats if you know make him this puts Oakland must be don't take had a wonderful -- I got the speed assisted field. It's just like gang situation there it's a must have one thing that I got dad's is Bill Hall. I'm -- everything in spring go arousal spring 05 yard out so let's bring everything straight straight straight. But sometimes guys like Marvin for dead -- is slow down and appreciate where they are. A five foot eleven inch middle linebacker from UAB he's learning from one of the best undersized guys. Ever to play the position as far as the wow factor. Me as it is London Fletcher I mean invention of our veterans -- -- -- fairway at seventeen years and I mean is done incredibly moved back to say -- -- is this does. Big ball away is he is actually talking to me you know it's. Some of these guys won't make it past the first cut some might find their way to the practice squad. But they're all prepared to do whatever it takes to live out their dream. I don't think it'll break the school. I think them making the sponsors that seem exit -- in the game so. I mean if Craig this club was a -- will thank sounding think if that's not even in my mind I'm not my main goal is and make the team and the other. You know -- -- being on the field I'm here to do whatever they need me into it any need to hold trio go our host to go to -- just reward us reward comes into the play in his -- full. No no matter would say the -- you. Note -- -- so he'll -- it over. CSN Washington dot com.