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Wall to continue to build legacy in DC



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Wed, 31 Jul 2013|


I think after the Wizards officially active fight John Wall as the number one pick. We arrived in DC to a hero's welcome this is how. Saved his first home game featured a starting lineup -- for the ages. A real flair for the dramatic. Unfortunately there wasn't too much dancing going on in his rookie year which is 23 wins to speak goes. It's frustrating opening chapter for a guy accustomed to winning. You lose ten or eleven in a -- Sounds -- is -- -- like I never losses -- a highlight how do you do this -- the -- guys. -- -- -- has been a franchise guy and trying to save your team and beating big lead on life he's about a game offering him. Your suit John witness the business side of the NBA first hand. With the lockout that chop off sixteen games he did play and start all 66 that year. But the team managed just twenty wins and was back in drafting high at the lottery. The start of his third season was delayed by a stress injury to his right knee. And injuries that had -- frustrated because all the hard work yet put in the offseason. Prior after there were I felt like god this -- me. Give me has to come back you don't have that -- -- relegated to street clothes job watched teams stumbled to a Fords 48 start. But the game about the change for the better. Dateline Washington January 12. -- much anticipated season debut vs Atlanta went off without a hitch a ten point win validate his comeback. But what many fans will remember as his breakout game. March 25 at home vs Memphis. It's. It's a game very focused in America -- always I knew what -- tonight. A career best 47 points eight assists seven rebound out it really started the conversation. About it job was truly an elite point guard. He finished last season posting career highs in points per game in field goal percentage. Now he signed the deal representative of an elite player. Question is -- shot live up to the expectations. And lead Washington to a place he's never gone before is a broad. The playoffs. Time will tell. We hope so I think Chris did you go out there there's the picture earlier posted on Twitter at -- point -- signing his extension. Wizards get their man and in the wall at. It was great because. Nice one signature eighty millionaire -- just moments later John Wall pleaded this. Words can't explain how blessed happy am I want to thank my owner mr. Hadley -- to my grandson and a whole -- Wizards. Staff.

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