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Wed, 31 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. All of us Redskins nation training camp 2013. Presented by -- Metcalf Larry Michael joy it has always as we are. On Wednesday with rich Taylor from CSN Washington dot Kabul before we talk to rich check out these pictures of my good friend Sean go -- suddenly these pictures. -- you know the atmosphere training camp is just announced it. Amazing is it's just thing on the way -- there's a great combination. Of you know this city is this very hospitable. You know a team this generate generating some excitement a player number ten. Generating. On the zones. And you know ended its all come together just did a great atmosphere and everybody have a good time. Good job by -- great -- and out to be. Order of the day with this man and an on tease him about having that computer brain with a salary cap and you know the risk is always going to be making some moves along the way -- yesterday Tristan Davis went home and I guess the disappointment the young man works so hard to come back from the knee injury had. But is coach Shanahan said his heart was not in that. Yeah I I think team you know like most of us to look at the depth chart and say you know you're there come up knee injury in that draft -- guys it's your position. -- that might be that does the -- writings on the -- on your right he did hang in there but tell you what it's you have your heart's not in it. -- you did as dangerous for you to be out here triggers to yourself and others so I think you know I just thought never discouraged to say -- You know this this isn't right this to me. Honestly I think is the way to put that he knew what the future held in store for him but we don't know what the wide receiving corps is gonna look like come opening day and maybe a couple guys stock has gone up since camp began here. Had to Alter Robinson has been -- that Mike Shanahan talked about him the other day. You know just saying how he he needs develop consistency. And he needs stood you know we know you get off on the deep routes but he wasn't one shown anything on the on the shorter routes on the on the on the deep doubts over the middle of things like that he's showing that here. And that's that's what he needs to do not only -- these and I think he's probably gonna make the roster anyway you're a mistake is that speeds. You can keep that but -- in his third year -- can develop into that that kind of receiver. That the team thinks it can be that he thinks he can base -- second -- you know he's a point where I want searching in pre season games. CSN Washington dot com.

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