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Harper steps up, calls out team amid slide



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  2. Big Three2:19
  3. Stephen Strasburg2:13
  4. Zoloft2:11
  5. Washington2:31
  6. starting pitchers2:20
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Wed, 31 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Look at Bryce Harper here is that you got to flavorful. You got to play as a family or bonds got a one start with a manager on down everybody we played a braves' nine game. Yes you know we -- -- -- I really don't think it over -- -- look at this as a twenty year old young me. Who shows emotion who so far and I'm sure a lot of veteran route that he needs to shut the hell up you know he's jogging to learn what you know I think it's the the bar. From the manager -- Greg -- From player idea where we donated by the motivated as well -- -- you don't look at this team right now they beat somebody -- and -- just may check my outlook in. What they value do you go give you -- -- because right now I don't seat far from the squat. Now Bryce -- has given that he's saying it's up the heat try they try to all. You know what got him a little bit he needs to be hurt because he's a little bit more time about what would not want. But when you look at this team they need to show some fight our article you ran up and I'm just completely out of. I love the Bryce Harper said this it should have been set earlier but you know what I think this is -- -- saying. I've waited this long but the idea of federal nobody else does that help -- and if you're a veteran you can't get Matta Bryce Harper in fact you should be mad at yourself. That you can say -- Did you can take it upon yourself to say you know what I should've said this I'm a veteran. It took a twenty year old is a twenty year old come out and try a lot of -- I don't know that's gonna happen but it's a -- -- got to that point or. -- look at -- people say well he's young he's good. You don't have to have a certain age to be at least that's right I think Bryce Harper in the way teams feel the way he's come up he's a natural born leader now it is right. Don't stop keep what -- Because -- that your veteran guys wanna say that they all wanna do stuff behind closed doors. They wanna do it requirement that doesn't walk a lot of people need to kick when -- -- need to get a goal it's. When he can which half thousand and and challenge them to make them go and I think Brent would aspire to to be that got to do. I think so too and Bryce Harper is a guy who. Loves to compete and he is the ultimate competitor which -- think that's why he gets injured -- Zoloft. The nationals of had to rely on Stephen Strasburg and your results to be perfect if they want -- -- -- in this race these guys have to be perfect those Big Three we keep talking about the starting pitchers they're not going to be perfect someone needs to step up and that's for Bryce trying to do. Get these guys to step up a place in baseball forced too late because it's about time that. CSN Washington dot com.

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