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Wizards lock up John Wall as face of the franchise



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  2. Emeka Okafor1:34
  3. Trevor Ariza1:30
  4. John Wall0:18, 0:56
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  7. Washington1:52
Wed, 31 Jul 2013|


Csnwashington.com. And for more on the story we bring in our Wizards insider Jay and Michael. Well I mean if the team is willing to pay you that kind of money I think you clearly worth it statistically if you look at how John Wall for instance. Stacks up against Deron Williams of the Brooklyn that he compares. Very favorably he shot better than Deron Williams last year the average about the same point same assists Deron Williams hasn't 98. Million dollar deal so relatively speaking to his contemporaries -- he measures up quite well. It was it's got a little bit of a bargain possibly outlets get the biscuit he's only 22 years old is it fair. -- expected jump in performance and then next season while I think when you get this kind of contract as per. Quickly natural to expect something more not only statistically. But when it comes to the win loss column. The Wizards but we're five and 28 without John Wall last season. They were 24 in 25 with him in the lineup that's an improvement but it's still slightly below 500 that you wanna see his team. Get to playoffs in not just show up but compete. In that's the next step that he has to accomplish in order to deal with the criticism in the attention that's could come to us. So the team looking to build around him they drafted Bradley feel that Otto Porter. But where can they go from here can't go out and will they have the room to gonna make a big I get a became a free agency. Well they'll have room next season because after this season is over with Trevor Ariza who will make seven point seven million dollars. Emeka Okafor makes fourteen point seven million dollars a season. They will come off the books both of those players become free agents that will open up a lot of cap space for the Wizards where they can either re sign those guys at a lower price tag or at some additional pieces and I thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.

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