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John Wall, Chris Miller talk contract extension



  1. Kevin Durant1:11
  2. Norwalk1:32
  3. Gaza2:25
  4. Oklahoma1:23
  5. Washington0:02, 2:39
  6. skinny kid2:28
  7. new contracts0:16
Thu, 1 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Who's on first -- congratulations. On. Giving this contract you're smiling because -- sure you're excited about a -- what does this new contracts. What's the significance of it for you. Made changes said I'm listening on the all work and dedication and I'm -- this is paying off and that's the main thing. Where they're like us it is is a good average in his immediate. Supposedly from financially say charisma like you're doing the right way. -- we -- those -- you don't I think I've -- around you do get the main thing is isn't as we know we're friends has got some lighter note this is my team in. Not just saying that partly what his guys being a leader and lead my team like I say that. I'm here to give back to the community -- I came and don't mean doesn't Grayson DC areas and just give us this series is a big thing for me. How much expectations do you put on yourself to deliver on this deal. As -- in me before it is still hard to please let's have some of them about that thing and -- And I just haven't I haven't seen we're government does like Kevin Durant disarmament and all those guys and seeing how hard those guys and push me to another level that was -- it. You know I got a good team owner of -- -- his -- -- the cards are going to go to another level. Our -- -- -- eleven Oklahoma and I finished last season is going tomorrow for if you're not -- playoffs -- once. Before you get drafted the I don't know if you remember you an hour and Riley and your old house of Norwalk and and on that same day. You -- how -- for your mom and that was something that was really important to you injured your press conference. My apologies for asking the question that she got a little bit emotional there's not much about. What you do now from his fully. Things in the than it really can do I mean she got out there as well as you want. She's she has there's things you want to make things as many as she is she's changes and likes it. Majors you know keep trying to work into autos that they that's order Toms as of today. And I like he said I got emotional -- the main thing is and -- kind of felt it was going to be like that time today or being there and he -- -- this year like I rattle -- don't. And now I feel like. This is what are -- before I did for the love of the game gotta love it a steady 24/7 watch it on day. But you just think of this happens once in a lifetime and a lot of Gaza are -- and do this and Magglio once skinny kid is on at Carolina that got the opportunity for us to do so. That's what we do for so I guess you just sit back and relax. CSN Washington dot com.

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