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Moss on being longest tenured Redskin: 'It means a lot'



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Thu, 1 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Santana Moss. It when they talk about you they always bring up how long you may not allow the longest tenured reds did. It was that me. It means a lot on me but then again I really don't get tentative because. You know it is what it is good and when asked that means a lot and I think if you have a somewhere for awhile. Then mean the people you work -- appreciate the service. And that's all I'm really you know I've always been that kind of that I I don't care where. All who'll give me to praise along with the people that I work -- or people that -- a lot of little mouse club. Our knowledge of what I'm doing and appreciate what I do and that's why you know -- would say that -- enough to still be. I'll Favre you guys come as a French. -- to get to this point. I think back when I was the only receive a lot with the number one receiver then you know you couldn't you couldn't pay -- got to come. And you know how to get and now we're a different role. And having Pierre having pain having jobs have been out there you know you have all these guys around you and they say all right change your role which inside. Who -- for that one more day because I didn't know where I was the only guy and it was you know it was hard and bought them be productive. People look at you and -- -- be productive they don't give you does not meant to be a productive because it thinks so. Men I look back at it man I'm just blessed and I'm unhappy. Very fortunate to be able to say today you know closer and came here and and did some great things would pick in the right guys but his team can get -- quarterbacks that we have. And now what about just put a lot of stuff together Manning on the -- I think the very upbeat but you are older than your OC you're older than your position coach. How is that. Chemistry going where you're you're taking. Some knowledge and tips from guys who. Won didn't play at your level and do. Younger than you did it goes well me because I've always been -- fit well within their ranks they need to be respected you know I never looked at a guy. You know what age or class so we did you know -- what to say rank. Another -- ago or respected. You know on that level numbers -- -- -- man first. CSN Washington dot com.

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