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Barnett on LB job: 'It's an open competition'



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Thu, 1 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Well the Redskins signed Nick Barnett to one year deal yesterday giving them some insurance at linebacker after losing Keenan Robinson for the year to a point at -- all muscle. Barnett played eight seasons with the Packers his most recent two years with the bills. With warm Barnett here chick Hernandez from Richmond. -- -- they brought Nick Barnett and on Tuesday and he worked up the squad in fact we had a chance to see that work out and they -- gone. They're running back Wednesday he worked out again that. Wouldn't say until late last night we signed a one year deal. Nick Barnett led the Buffalo Bills last year in tackles but they chose not to resign him so he waited. Waited some more. And finally. The Washington Redskins. Now -- -- order and hotel movies in there it's been an -- Redskins bill. Didn't join us not just it's. But no it you know it is you know you I wanted to play here and fans understand it was just trying to get it done for me. I think we're the best fit for each other. Well you know he has she hasn't been a backup you know he's been a starter. Mean he's coming off an injury. He's not ready to practice full speed when that will be I cannot tell you want me and I wanted to get him ready. She only works individual drills. Lot of mental reps and walk throughs and our team's situation. When he's ready to go right to practice the practice. No I feel I had my guess is no competition but. Cast doubt I've been settlement Tobacco Road to see it you know way and if that roll comes about then that's the -- I'll take but. You know I'm brought them comes out of it was learned how much out of those Riley you know that's was all about -- competition. Said outlook -- -- -- thing in a back up but it's a competition it's an open competition you like that kind of moxie and from then you know that's that's the mentality you gotta have. You know if you wanna play in this league. CSN Washington dot com.

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