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Is time running out on the Nats?



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Thu, 1 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com -- the nationals. Going to Detroit and it was Detroit rock bottom not rock city because the -- hadn't. Dreadful. Dreadful two games are coming off three straight wins including a 141. Win over the Mets they're feeling pretty good they get Stephen Strasburg and you resolve. Pitching against the Tigers and then just. Absolutely terrible outscored sixteen a two out hit. 23. Eleven he's you were there what do you make of this this was not very good but it's. It's kind of become what we -- we expect from them is that every time they feel a little bit of all of the get something good going. They go and -- in -- couple a places now they're facing a very good -- Let's give them credit that lineup is outstanding and they were facing Anibal Sanchez and Justin Verlander so they weren't facing scrubs and doing that but. You know if you're gonna lose the game that's one thing it's another to. Just get that and violated like they were they showed very little. Fight very little emotion in Wednesday's series finale and that started a couple guys fired up including Bryce Harper. Yeah -- take a look or Bryce Harper had to say after that game after the series against the Tigers. Bryce Harper sounding a little bit like a leader here said but we've for the Braves nine games this -- -- over I really don't think it's over so just gotta keep going keep grinding turn into the family who were last year. It's really late in the season to hear this and they're still trying to get it out of themselves at this point to concerning like marks of the fact -- just in with the lead -- will be. Well I would concern me is they shouldn't be really looking at. The -- they should be looking at themselves and -- start playing better themselves that's where it starts first in really do when you start to look at the numbers. If the Braves play a ball 500 the the record that the national and have to go on the run of forty and fifteen somewhere like that in the last 55 games and not capable of doing that right now they didn't. They can really play 500 ball since the break so I think there's -- to step by step process I love the fire -- -- Bryce Harper I love the fact -- You're the voice of the nationals as a twenty year old kid did is playing EO's tail off. But they need take -- some business on the wrong in not worry about the -- right now and they got nine games left against the Braves if they swept all none of those games they're still up in first place yet they're still not add another look at that -- like at that last glimmer of hey maybe we can somehow get this but. Listen these numbers. Baseball prospectus. Playoff odds for this -- play out the rest of the season a million times. Zero point 6% for them to win the NL east. That's not happening 3.5 percent for them to make the playoffs at all. Really not looking good for it to happen but. I do like what Bryce said I was there it was genuine it was not fabricated it wasn't -- can kind of stand up and trying to be a leader here it was genuine emotion from him something I think we may see more Morse he gets more comfortable. The longer he's in the lead and feeling like he can speak up I think for a long time as a nineteen year old when you're a rookie felt like. That's not my place to do that I think it was important for -- to step up now. CSN Washington dot com yeah.

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