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How does Nick Barnett affect the Redskins linebacker corps?



  1. London Fletcher0:25, 0:56, 1:46
  2. Nick Barnett0:40
  3. Kedric Golston3:03
  4. Perry Riley0:26, 0:48
  5. Kyle Shanahan3:32
  6. Robert Griffin1:17
  7. Kiel2:03
  8. linebacker position2:29, 2:31
  9. future hall0:24
Thu, 1 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. RG three obviously -- the topic is so much conversation. And rightfully so. But Robert another player in this game and there are several guys that I would be comfortable with not see in maybe eight if you went by honest number. Of guys I'm not worried about why don't worry about in particular position wise is inside linebacker Moises Alou yeah. A position to have the great -- future hall of Famer in London Fletcher. And Perry Riley. That's where it comes in concerned and one of the reasons why I think this was an appealing stop. For veteran about it did that and then bring in Nick Barnett obviously he's coming from Buffalo a place where they're not winning he's so. Happy to be here and you he comes then you know with the Perry Riley and like you said there's not a lot of depth there I think going then you have to save yourself. You know they have to think about life after London Fletcher I mean this this is. Grace period if they have to have him for one more year he comes then he's an all pro is -- Super Bowl champion. He picks up the offense the defense broke quickly so yes this is a no brainer for him to come here because his looked around insane. Look -- -- the places I can go. And I could be a star but the Washington DC area has Robert Griffin the third. They got a lot of pieces to this puzzle and Jim has with defense is something that you like so yeah I think it's what it's worth him coming here because he lost to start. The other wanna sit here wants to start so that's what he's thinking. You know pick a team we have just been about 45 years ago you wouldn't think -- Washington. Would have been a destination spot for guys who can ball. What it is now. And did the best thing about this for me is knowing that around the league now. Guys look at this is a destination as you can come and win at and London Fletcher does it mean he does that offseason surgery. And hit two surgeries and he probably feels bad and he felt in several years. He's a professional he stays in shape your -- -- and his leadership is that we talked about very rather. But I'm looking local Roy may be one of those guys I think Kiel is a guy enjoyed -- it was a year ago. In a pre season opener. They've played in Buffalo -- -- has a feel for himself gets his hands on balls and also giving up -- special teams that's up and I'm not the so unsure of veteran. Is coming to play team. Right when -- do you think bay. This line backing -- now with character in -- Iraq -- -- healthy Iraq well the way that Jim has that moves around his parts. The middle linebacker position on the inside linebacker position although it's very important would you say that there it's the outside and then the push upfront by Boeing Hinkle field. Everything has to work together for the -- -- Cofield to me he is the glue. Of this defense because there's very goes that allows those linebackers great. And I I can't say enough we talk about Kerrigan and care Kerr who's out. I am I tell you what Adam you talk about -- beats this guy could not be moved well he's out did Jarvis -- what he's out. Now Kedric Golston this guy the cave man the former bull dog I love him to death he's going to be in rotation now the question is. Who wants to make deposition their position if you go off of four weeks. And I'm plan for those four weeks in my mind that's my opposition and out -- looking for somebody to claim that spot. And give you go look at that's an area would that position has got to be more productive right. Not I always -- that it's the coordinators that are gonna be just a lot this season not just the players to coordinators Jim Haslett and Kyle Shanahan are going to be evaluated at times it. CSN Washington dot com it.

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