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Will big money change John Wall?



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Thu, 1 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Big money wall moment big money is an understatement went to the press conference today for the announcement of John Wall. He said a lot of interest -- things got really emotional. He cried you know I mean -- cry too far guys -- doing well no trouble luckily I don't (%expletive) yeah it's. I mean I'm glad that had stepped up to -- to step up and and sign this guy to. The Max deal but now he's got the money dot now he's got all of that said the question is what does he do now. I just he must have improved as a player. And as a person -- up court and made Davis is is swinging in the aggressive zone got no individual goes myself. They're in the back my my my mango losing by -- -- playoffs influence in my fourth year younger known as a point guard and then my data and I went to bombing goes just to win. Its main goal is just to win dot he's got the money now but as we've seen -- mean we've never seen that money before. But when you get money like that two things can happen while I did what you saw it because it's not -- it -- admit to a bit of a well when you get money like that two things can happen other one you are more motivated. To be the best player that you could possibly -- port till you can get a little soft thing I got the money. I have a contract year and I got the money so now the question is which one is John Wall going to be easy going to be the one. That motivates veal and motivates Porter and the rest of those guys to get to the very best scores are gonna be one of like I got my money. Think when you're the number one player. In your draft. When you've been number one player coming out of college and didn't get to cut the nets down. -- -- injured I think that injury Mayhew salivating. He wants to be great. And he worked on his game to improve his outside shot he also needs help every great player for the most part. Has had great players around him that becomes a champion. And so you start talking Bob Bradley deal. I get excited about that and you look at. He was free to come back to practice he's working on his game. Inside they have two guys who I think they can win with ended just it comes down to. How so unselfish will this team be. How will only put the emphasis -- on defense our defense is big and that's what they said in the press conference. But the one thing that they elect about John Wall is that he likes to play defense and Randy Wittman and all of us get to tell me Ernie run felt they were all there saying all the right things and now it's time. For him to be that leader I think he can be that leader and now he has the money he has. The credentials he -- good -- and the money now he's got us back pockets. CSN Washington dot com.

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