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Fri, 2 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back to the baseball so I'm Brian -- or your own this week we have don't Twitter what move is or -- nets make -- -- -- betrayed him. At both awards at the Warriors need to go after a self starter and it was was -- with old people go -- -- from the Astros. Every time the -- and outfielder so they -- to Houston for these cities and I think he was traded while reading Twitter in the clubhouse. Notice time and o's organization -- in Adam don't that don't quite a bond and don't -- his what was the stability tweeting. It's bittersweet to my little brother traded today but I'll punt that he'll get an opportunity to play in itself and a grind and stay hundred. Meanwhile what were you surprised to know one thing that's been put -- gonna finish the final two months of the season with what they already had. To sum up how the Mets fans feel about that it will be different this week. -- Michael Morse. The nets into the season with a World Series or bust expectations. And have a playoff team like extra. Related to the youngest guy on the club to come up with a solution for myself for tweeting -- to be a family first being way. Play for the guy behind you all for one aspect that. And I would go for this week they blowout presented by available. CSN Washington dot com.