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Former Hoya Chris Wright talks DC Dobermans



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Fri, 2 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. And joining me now is a former Georgetown star Chris Wright hears the talk a bit about the DC. Don't determines which is the ball and independent league now this second season crystal little bit about it how'd you get involved. Well. This is just to -- four assists to stay kind of connected. It's been -- six when unless it was to gain some place Philadelphia twice. Players from Philadelphia schools. And basically what it is is whatever school you went to you play for their region so she went to school in Washington DC area. He played for the united play for the DC don't -- this team doesn't mean. -- I think in the NCAA Astoria a George Mason is on ten as well than they have. You know did you maintain have enough time team with some announcements are who was away for us guys so. It's and it's a pretty competitively and is as being guys that played probably the last you know. 67 years. But there's a lot of local talent up from there you got as you mentioned from Marilyn. North Carolina Philadelphia and Virginia is -- a little bit like going back to college for you. It is is and the way it is is also for bragging rights and you wanna be doing that. That's because they donuts that you don't want them saying some things never change there is some things never change so he knows this for bragging rights than us and menacing blue waited just keep you know playing as great competition sometime. Now one of the big differences about this later some of the rule changes what -- some of the biggest differences. In the rules regards to the NBA and how you adjust to that -- Then that's the one that the thing about the buzz is a very. What it does this -- lousy score a lot of points. That the four point line. Konduz and there's a three point line and then in the fourth when and so he obviously is a little farther than NBA line and -- no rush just four points and then we don't have. If you if you get found to make a lay up and one is automatic three points so you don't go to freedom and -- out here and then you also have hockey substitutions. -- will have fun with the ball in the DC -- we appreciate you stopping by telling us a little bit about this and good luck to thank you. CSN Washington dot com.

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