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Were Nats right to stand pat at trade deadline?



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Fri, 2 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Nationals insider mark Zuckerman joins me now aren't marked the trade deadline came and -- the nationals made no moves. But the 24 hours later they give Mike Rizzo a contract extension is -- something or -- to be taken from this well. I think if anything -- this message take out of it is that they are happy with what they have another record doesn't necessarily look so good but all along the national said that this wasn't just about building a team. To win this year was about long term so even though things haven't gone the way they expected this year. They didn't -- -- blow up the roster at the trade deadline and they -- show some support for Rizzo long term and belief that he it has assembled a team that can win. Not to sister because sums it hasn't happened but down the road as well so we'll shall confiscated make everyone feel a little better about themselves this. Like the record that talk about things not going the way that they wanted to just had a horrible series in Detroit. And they know that they have the Braves coming out that in between and this week and that got the Milwaukee Brewers how important is it for them to take care of business ago. Well yes definitely I mean they only get so many chances left for the rest of season they have to take care of business against. The teams that are way down the standings in the Brewers are in last place so. Jordan's -- going tonight he has not pitched well he didn't pitch well in July he was their most reliable guy throughout the first half of the season he's a Wisconsin native maybe. The motivation in his home town there in front a lot of fans but. Get this series and the way take at least two out of three because then you know you get the breeze coming up and that's a series that if they're gonna have any chance at all. -- come back they have to take at least two out of three if not sweep them. Little time to regroup here may be over the weekend okay it doesn't -- can talk about baseball without talking about. The bio Genesis investigation these days and of course Alex Rodriguez. I he's playing in double -- for the Yankees. This weekend two games how awkward is that that he's he's playing in this but yet he's were still waiting to hear what's gonna happen with his future. Yet exactly I mean he's scheduled to play in these games but at any moment and MLB could come out announced his suspension. Which could be anywhere from a year and a half to a lifetime ban so yes obviously an awkward situation hey rod is certainly not going down without a fight. His whole thing is trying to establish that he can go back out and play whether it's this year or down the road he's still got a hundred million dollars owed to him. By the Yankees he doesn't want to forfeit a dime more of that than he has to MLB just wants to get this thing wrapped up and so they're threatening him with that lifetime ban I don't think that's gonna stick I don't think he certainly. -- agree to that. In the meantime is out there on the field so he's healthy and in theory if this isn't resolved by Monday he could be back on the field playing for the Yankees. The crazy -- we continue to play the waiting game as we wait to hear how that investigation and the suspensions welcome thank you very much mark Zuckerman for joining us you. CSN Washington dot com.

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