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Roundtable: Would you rather have RGIII or Flacco?



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Fri, 2 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com guys let's start here. Right now knowing what we know Joseph Flacco doesn't have a big game back up RG three -- banged up he's got Kirk cousins. Which quarterbacks -- what you're Torre is most important to their team's success this year right now. Yeah you certainly can't argue with Flacco is accomplishments -- -- know I'm a sucker for speed and skill. And RG three has that in spades you know he makes the players around him better I'm really curious to see how Flacco does without -- And Boldin this year let's see if he can make his teammates as good as RG three does when he's on the field. -- better than it was and then -- -- go. There's a more important quarterback whose team although all -- three is certainly the franchise guy with a resident. We've never seen Flacco missed a game yet if god is he never missed -- game. Tyrod Taylor is his backup. We've never seen him play meaningful games and some have a -- what extended period of time. I'll be the Ravens -- be tougher the commonality there were responsible -- so we've seen or heard about them. Come in -- -- well body ready but how they don't Ravens can survive without -- back a long time. The thing that made the good thing for the Redskins and Ravens they've got art history. And they've got plus. CSN Washington dot com.

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