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Roundtable: Would you rather have Harbaugh or Shanahan?



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Fri, 2 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Linemen fits their head coach. It's Mike Shanahan. Wore. It is John Harbaugh with the Ravens flipped him which when you take. Watch that stayed Napa and but I'll go forth before Ravens could go -- ball -- and here's why. Ball ball never missed the playoffs in five seasons I don't sit and want -- Super Bowl Denver Broncos. He got the Redskins back in the playoffs last year. But to me -- NFL. Is making the playoffs once you get in the playoffs. Anything can happen we've seen that so many times of the last two years. Almost is find a way to get there whether they get there as a division winner or the wild card. And in fact every time they've got the the playoff they won at least one playoff games though. With a record like that and me being a what have you done for me lately guy. Ball ball coming off a Super Bowl win I've got to go all ball. Yeah it was definitely hard to argue against big guys holding the Lombardi trophy. Why -- you know what Mike Shanahan is done that twice as Clifton mentioned. What a good job that Shanahan did in Washington last year the reason I'm going with them. This team was three and six of the five coming they were dead right everyone had written them off there was even if you'll talk in the locker room that you know Mike Shanahan might be looking to. -- value players for next year you know arrive -- -- some of his comments were were misconstrued after that awful loss to the Panthers. You know what he hit the reset button during that bye week. They made changes dramatically on defense but more importantly Mike Shanahan convince the guys in that locker room to pull together. And to fight for one another they won seven in a row. In a very tough division one NFC east. Got the playoffs and then RG -- need -- came apart you know I mean if if Disney had stayed together and who knows are what would have happened some blown -- chance. No one's got your rings ones got a ring wouldn't it be nice to see them both play against each other coach against each other. In this Super Bowl next year but good spirited debates are they'll be cheering for brown. Thanks so much for your time. CSN Washington dot com.

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