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Riggo on the Range: Smoking a turkey for Dexter Manley



  1. Turkey1:56, 3:04
  2. Riverside0:54
  3. Mercury2:16
  4. India2:22, 3:36
  5. Jersey3:53
  6. Washington0:02, 4:23
  7. Florida0:53
Sat, 3 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com alright guys here. Cousin Tom has been in here marinated all my admiration -- and Bryant could take this thing you know we'll put it -- me. Down here in this day you're gonna -- it real well just greater -- all he's the greatest -- little bit. Yeah we get around. -- -- Guys were magnificent. Look at his first on this bird you have to really be able to appreciate this man this guy's going -- -- feature in front of him corners or serving. First thing I did the light headed and all drive in the -- and down horse Brown's role and have them. Then stuff the cavity -- years and onions and sorry to keep the -- from becoming. Tiger that looks fine here let's move to Florida this Riverside here because now we're going to work hard. I'm going to basically take it -- very pivotal. It's. -- -- -- -- -- This thing now. Okay okay. He is ready for us for a return from -- are pretty sure the fire really get that about 200 degrees if we can we want to hold it -- and put some Hickory chips on there. Then let him do good things start so if you see what's going on with the fire. -- spoke to -- were trees are gonna pass indirect heat. Over the -- almost like you wouldn't and but when we're gonna do here is we're gonna use some Hickory chips that I had to drop but this morning I've -- -- -- -- water did you don't want to burn up too quickly they're gonna ground anyway. But you get a little bit more smoke that -- a little bit better smoke. And just gives it gives a Turkey had just an authentic Hickory flavor so we'll get a couple these chips here. And overall we're here -- put him on the final at three places from time to time as we -- harbor so that's no big deal either. You wanna go on -- smoke some of those -- and I think this should probably do it. Just anticipated this bird is probably two big deal on this wherever grills or Mercury Morris side. Flame in here with a home away from the -- for stories of India and that's the one thing when your -- whole merge it talked about bigger bird. Picture you had a bit of -- And ours is just. And if you -- he'd come off they're pretty sure. Room for -- so that's but I'm working -- -- -- takes about five to six hours of steady temperature 300 victories making it perfect meal for it and my good friend and former teammate Dexter -- join me for this great. It's probably is the most have been waiting for. Turkey ready to go check the monitor this -- 170 degrees con bowl Murdoch's. Loria. And Ted -- to bed. Phillies it's somewhat unorthodox tools but I think -- worked. -- we had visited his bird off on a platter. Very good. All right with Gordon and car to -- Can lead to -- I saw paid some kill greens fresh from the garden in -- -- India. That you wanted to these -- this. Yeah my Jersey on -- -- I felt kind of guilty about it but I figured -- wonderful together. Thank you for joining me this week here on radio on the right it was a pleasure to have him. Question while game. I think we'll put on the table -- Thanks to you next week. CSN Washington dot com.