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Sights and sounds from Redskins fan appreciation day



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Sat, 3 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. We're looking forward to a great year. Our football team both on and off the football. -- It's been. Really that serious skin than they come out for every practice so Johnson's announcement here. Our experience here in Richmond and been fantastic. This -- big baskets country down irishman I know a lot of people from Richmond. -- skins fans so this is zone. You're not surprise me. And -- -- He's just fabulous I DJ. Game that was great to me my whole -- man I mean as one of the best things never happen tonight. People were saying we'll trade you Roma RG three has had no way. Took me twenty years ago at quarterback where -- -- and -- according. I'm looking forward to this season we're on a simple. Weren't you do everything we got -- polished you. CSN Washington dot com.