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RG3 feels he can make all the throws


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Mon, 5 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com and I think coach said it last week. He feels like monsters come in and can has been. Something that's that's popping off the charts. You know I've worked really hard in the offseason not disarmed him Armstrong and make sure that mom was ready. For days are like this in training camp with the normal -- itself. I feel like I'll have been really consistent you know I -- that thought come back and make sure I get back completion. Whether it's at another receiver that same receiver on the same -- and everything from the timing. To the mechanics. Everything that I'm doing out there the coaches ask me to do. Whether it's a slant throw his throw a deep or short -- feel like I'm in tune with all. -- -- the -- is not an issue. CSN Washington dot com.